Ascent "On-Belay" Sponsorship

This program is designed to provide financial assistance and accessibility to Ascent programming. The term "on belay" is a command in rock climbing intended to communicate to your partner that you are ready to manage the ropes and assist in their safety. At Ascent, we strive to assist our members in every way we can to ensure a safe, successful and accessible fitness experience.

Make A Donation

Make a one-time or monthly donation to to financially support a member in accessing our Ascent Programming.

Need Sponsorship?

Schedule a No Sweat Intro and ask about our On-Belay assistance.

Common Questions

Can I edit my monthly donation after checkout?

If you’d like to change or cancel your monthly donation please email with the subject: "on belay billing"

How long does it take to receive my thank-you gift?

Physical thank-you gifts are sent out within 6-8 weeks, and any digital delivery thank-you gifts will be sent out via email in 2-4 weeks. Please contact our Membership team at if you have questions about the status of your gift.

Is this a Tax Deductible donation?

These donations are not tax deductible at this time. We are in the process of creating a non-profit fund for our program.